Premium Routing.

Connecting the world

is a national telecom operator in Switzerland and a leading European provider of high-quality telecommunications services and products. Employing latest advanced technology and innovations, Premium Routing offers a variety of products and solutions that allow individuals and businesses around the world to start a telecom business or to expand existing ones. With equipment located in Zurich (Switzerland), Frankfurt (Germany), London (United kingdom) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Premium Routing has been operating in the telecom market since 2003.


Premium Routing is active in several areas in the telecom market.


Premium Routing has developed a next generation mobile core network including multiple IMSI solution. This has been tested and is currently being used in several European countries through partners and related companies.

Local services.

Premium Routing is a national operator in Switzerland and is able to offer the following products:
- 0800/084x/09x and other numbers ranges
- Carrier (pre) selection codes
- Geographic numbers

International Services.

Premium Routing has the availability to offer local products like national number ranges and terminating services in The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Germany.

Carrier Services.

Premium Routing GmbH maintains long term relationships with PTT's, incumbents and mobile operators from all over the world. We have interconnected global network providers through our various points of presence...

Customer care

All technical requests and problems are handled by a Support Team, which ensures that all queries are solved professionally and in a timely manner. Support Team members are highly qualified in switching technology, VoIP, billing and IVR systems, databases, call routing management, networking and other fields of IT and telecommunications. Support Team members do not only solve trouble tickets but also provide advice and suggestions, thus sharing their experience and expertise with Premium Routing partners